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Your relationship with a horse is paramount to successful roping. Lockhart Cowboy Co. can teach you the intricate details of team roping horsemanship to the basics of riding.

Dummy Roping

Developing a swing in roping is comparable to developing a swing in golf. The golf swing is developed on the practice range; in team roping, a practice dummy is used on the ground. Once confidence with the rope is achieved, roping with a horse is much easier.


Most likely, your first or second session will involve tracking steers on horseback. The excitement of team roping comes alive at this point.


Roping the steers and learning to handle them in a controlled environment is what it's all about. Since each steer is different, the sport never gets boring. Even professional ropers learn soemthing from every run they make.

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The Lockhart Cowboy Co.

The Lockhart Cowboy Co. was created as a result of business professionals, students and parents contacting Pat Ivey about "learning to rope." No matter the age, Pat has been able to nurture a student's abilities to any level. Many have continued to rope competitively while others rope while time allows for the exercise and satisfaction. Whether it's team roping or simply learning to ride for the first time, students learn at the pace that works best for them. As Pat says, "You don't need a horse, a rope or for that matter boots and spurs, just bring your tennis shoes and a thirty-five dollar bill and we'll rope."

Pat Ivey

Pat is a cowboy from San Marcos, Texas. While a student at Southwest Texas (now Texas State), he competed on the Rodeo Team. After graduation, he spent several years in the feedlot business. Pat has competed as a calf roper and a team roper for most of his life. He has the personality and patience to work with both beginners and professionals. he can safely guide you through this exciting sport with minimal risk of injury while providing the exhilaration of riding a horse, handling a rope and learning the ins and outs of team roping and horse safety.


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